The age old Indian Traditional Medicine Ayurveda is very well known for its huge contribution in medical field. It has proven itself as a science of wisdom in all times to cite the conclusions about human body’s behavior in various conditions.

It focuses on maintaining wellness, preventing and treating illness.

Since ancient times, many scholars have made additions to this science.

Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhat are the main Rishis to teach and notify the concepts of Ayurveda collectively in their scriptures. In the period when no modern technologies were available, they mentioned the ways of healthy living, various aspects of diseases, illnesses and their treatment.

Ayurveda is not just a science, it is a way of living healthy life. It concentrates on overall development of body, mind and soul.


The word Vayastha is Vaya Stha. Vaya is age and Stha means to slow, to settle and stabilize in a harmony.

The word is a derivative of a concept Vayasthapana in Ayurveda.

It is the form of maintaining the balanced condition of body and mind for longer time.

It is given as equal importance as given to pathological descriptions. It’s because the thought which says that first duty of medical science is to preserve the wellness.

An individual section is described on this concept Vayasthapana, which in today’s times we can use it as health promoter tonics, immunity boosters, wellness care and with many other names.

The term Rasayan is used in reference to Vayasthapana. It means to rejuvenate the body. It works by maintaining three dosha in body at equilibrium and restoring the seven Dhatu. It includes medicinal therapy as well as lifestyle changes. It focuses on inner health at micro levels which gradually reflects externally.

Vayastha signifies to slow down the undesirable changes of ageing, to age gracefully, to maintain the healthful, vigorous and energetic state of body and mind.

We at Vayastha assure to provide the products which maintain the health of body and mind made by using the references from Ayurveda along with the modern researches.

Those are free from harmful chemicals and made with care and love for body and nature.