Things to Know About Dosha and Prakriti

Things to Know About Dosha and Prakriti

3 Dosha: The Foundation

The human body has 3 main pillars according to Ayurveda

Dosha, Dhatu, and Mala.

Dosha are given immense importance for being a reason to maintain health or to initiate any illness.

Each Dosha is a combination of two dominant elements.

Here arises the concept of Panchmahabhuta i.e. 5 basic elements Earth, Water, Fire, Gas, and Ether.


It literally means the reason for health when normal and can create abnormality when imbalanced.

Dosha can make Dhatu and Mala normal or abnormal.

Those are

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

Vata is air and ether

Pitta is fire and water

Kapha is earth and water

Each and every particle of the body is under the control of Dosha. Though, there are certain time durations and body areas under the influence of each one.

Dosha Body areas under the influence Time period of day under influence Age periods of life
Kapha Above the level of the heart Start of day and night Childhood
Pitta Between umbilicus and heart Middle of day and night Adolescent and adult age period
Vata Below umbilicus Towards the end of day and night Elderly

Dosha works effectively in their dominant position.

Each one has a particular character and specific task to complete.

Still, Vata is the most powerful of all. It is light, dry, cool, minute & fills up space.It can move. It can be too small and large too without which no anatomical or physiological movements in the body are possible.

Pitta is warm, instantaneously reacting, light liquid. It is responsible for digestion ( Jatharagni ), maintaining body temperature.

Kapha is thick, cold, soft, sticky, and slow acting. It’s responsible for keeping the body parts moisturized, greased so that all the actions could take place smoothly. It serves like oil in machines to workeffectively. Kapha eliminates rigidity, stubbornness in the body parts. It adds effortlessness to actions induced by Vata.

Dosha works in harmony to gift our health.

All physiological and psychological activities take place under their influence. Whenever this bond is shaken, it shows unwanted things. So, it’s our need to understand and follow simple measures to keep this harmony intact.

Their characters are used to decide one’s Prakriti which is one’s body type.

Prakriti: Body Type

Prakriti Body Type

It is the specific nature of body and mind described according to patterns of the physique, dietary habits, likings, and psychological behavior.

Vata Prakriti person is commonly lean, slender, with good height and prominent bones and joints structures. Their diet is comparatively low. They like to eat warm, liquid, sweet, and sour food.With good memory power, they are talkative and faster in their actions.

Pitta Prakriti person is gentle, warm, pink-skinned with a medium stature body. They are with a good appetite and like to eat cold, sweet, pungent, and bitter foods. They can’t tolerate heat and tend to sweat easily.With good intellect, they are aggressive, brave, short-tempered but easily forgiving behavior.

Kapha Prakriti person shows cool, chubby, with rounded joints and body parts. Without getting tired easily, can withstand hunger, thirst, heat, and love to sleep. They walk slowly, react patiently. They have good decision-making ability.Their appetite is medium and likes to eat spicy, hot food.

Prakriti is vital in deciding the body’s behavior.

Dos and Don’ts change according to it. The body generally demands things opposite to the dominant Dosha Prakriti. That is why tastes and likings are opposite to the particular Dosha characters. Also, while treating any particular health issue, Prakriti is the main aspect thought for.

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