Vayastha hair oil

The coconut oil has high affinity for hair proteins, gets easily penetrated into hair shaft and builds the hair protein stronger. This happens as a result of its lighter molecular structure than other oils and even mineral oil. The oil reduces the protein loss remarkably for both damaged and undamaged hair.

Why this?

  1. Blend of powerful keshya herbs 
  2. Made with ayurvedic snehpak vidhi
  3. Correct assimilation of coconut oil and herbal extracts
  4. 100% natural

Free from:

  1. Mineral oil
  2. Added colours
  3. Synthetic fragrance 
  4. Silicones
  5. Parabens
  6. Sulphates

Key ingredients:

1. Bhringaraj

It has a synonym keshraj (powerful hair tonic) which itself says About its fantastic results in all hair problems Loaded with strong active ingredients, It is also effective to delay hair greying.

2. Chironji

We know it as a dry fruit. But it is also a powerful hair tonic. The seeds contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, Thus accelerates new hair growth, moisturizes the scalp skin and hair.

3. Black sesame

It is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamin a, b complex and e. It promotes hair growth and Maintains natural hair colour.

How to use:

Take adequate quantity on palms and apply with fingers on the scalp skin gently in circular fashion. Extend along the lengths of hair to the tips. Let it work overnight or minimum 2 hours before wash.