Vayastha Vellita Hair Oil

Perfect care for hair, What makes it so powerful ? >>The ingredients and the procedure.<<

The Ingredients :

Any medicinal combination works well only if, the right ingredients are combined in right proportions and in right manner.

This oil is formulated with the ingredients, which are referred as Keshya in Ayurved. Each of them is studied for its composition and properties according to modern research.

It’s not just a simple mixture of herbs, those are selected to balance each other and enhance the desired effects. The herbs act compatibly to each other to give excellent results on your hair.

The Coconut oil :

The Coconut oil has high affinity for hair proteins, gets easily penetrated into hair shaft and builds the hair protein stronger. This happens as a result of its lighter molecular structure than other oils.

The oil reduces the protein loss remarkably for both damaged and undamaged hair if used as pre-wash or post- wash hair care regime.

With all the miraculous properties, the oil infused with the herbs best for hair like Bhringaraj, Black Sesame, Chironji and other essential herbs is a Superfood for hair.


This is the most celebrated plant in Ayurveda for hair care.

It’s one of the synonyms ‘ Keshraj’ suggests it’s importance.

It is a rich source of flavonoids, alkaloids, polypeptides and many vital molecules.
It is well known herb to fasten the hair growth, prevent hair fall, nourish the hair follicles and fight dandruff, dryness and itch.


It has a rich natural oil necessary for normal hair. It contains minerals, vitamin B complex and fatty acids. It possess anti inflammatory and anti oxidant activity.

Black Sesame

Sesame is the best ingredient to balance Vatadosha which is responsible for hair problems. It moisturises the hair and scalp, boosts the hair growth, prevents hair breakage. Also, it is a rich source of minerals, flavonoids.

The procedure: Digestion of herbs into oil

An oil works nice on hair when the properties of herbs are infused into it slowly while cooking. This procedure is always favoured by Ayurveda rather than using just a mixture of oil and herbs, as it makes the oil lighter, easily absorbable and more efficient. This oil is called Siddha oil.

Vayastha Vellita Hair Oil is

  1. 100% pure Siddha oil; slow cooked.
  2. Not added with any artificial color, fragrance.
  3. Not added with silicones, preservatives and any other chemicals.
  4. Made in small batches.

How does it work :

  1. Acts as a hair and scalp detox, prevents and repairs the damage caused by pollution, sun and chemicals based product.
  2. Manages hair nicely without weighing down due to its light weight formula.
  3. Nourishes scalp skin, hair root and shaft, promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, conditions itchy, dry scalp and hair.
  4. Soothes and relaxes the painful scalp skin.
  5. Acts as an overall hair vitaliser.

How to use :

  1. It is suitable for daily use.
  2. At least, twice weekly use is recommended.
  3. Oiling and gentle massage preferably overnight or atleast half an hour before shampoo, helps protect hair from damage and act as a pre-wash conditioner, prevents dryness and breakage.

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